It is easy to buy Facebook Accounts. All you have to do is go to TheFBStore, check from the menu or you can scroll down to select the package you want to buy, then click on the ORDER NOW button. To choose any convenient way of payment, contact our team and send a message. We will help you to make payment and then deliver your ordered Bundle.

Well, it depends. Although we have a robust stock of numerous Facebook and business Accounts, If the accounts you have bought are available in our inventory, we will deliver them instantly or within a couple of hours. Otherwise, you will have to wait sometimes while our team will track the perfect account for you.

Indeed obviously. You can pick the Age and other requirements for the Fb Accounts you need to purchase.

Yes, there is a plan of Accounts with a friends list. You can pick that bundle for you. Feel free to contact our customer support if you want our premium accounts like “with a friends list of 5000 genuine accounts” and so on.

We prefer Aged Accounts because mostly Old Facebook accounts are treated as a real person’s account. Also, these accounts are captcha-free and with a detailed profile, phone verified, email verified accounts, and natural search history. So these Aged Accounts have less possibility of getting banned likewise.

We always have unlimited stock of old and Fresh Accounts. If you are buying it in bulk, we can offer you a considerable discount.


If you have to access numerous accounts from the same Ip, you must use another separate explicit proxy and a new session for the account. Remember! The FB store will not be responsible if the client’s blunder disables the accounts.


No, These accounts do not have any security. Also, the passwords are never changed. Keep in mind, Right after purchasing, When you login to the account, do not try to change the settings frequently. Facebook might presume that you are trying to hack the account. Just warm-up for a couple of days and change the settings alternatively.


We have a separate bundle of Facebook Advertisements Accounts. But You can also make an aged account as an Ad account. All You need is some online assistance to enable the business manager option.


Sadly No. Once the accounts are delivered to you, you need to maintain the accounts appropriately. We are offering a free replacement for 24 Hours in case of non-working accounts. The Account which doesn’t allow you login, can be changed within a day.


Yes, you can have a Discount of up to 10% on your First Order. The code is 10OFF. Or if you are buying Accounts in Bulk, We have fantastic rates for you; just get in touch with our Customer Support Agents!


Sorry, we don’t, but we have packages at super low rates that would perfectly fit for testing the services.